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Debbie Abraham led London huddle calls on UN to resolve Kashmir dispute

London: Speakers at the “Kashmir Unity Conference” held under the auspices of the British Parliament, in London have appealed to the international organizations, particularly the United Nations, to intervene in resolving the Kashmir dispute.

The conference, chaired by Debbie Abraham, Chairperson of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir, saw special guests including Pakistan’s High Commissioner, Dr. Faisal, among others. More than thirty members and staff of the British Parliament participated, expressing full solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris.

The conference condemned the illegal detention of Kashmiri freedom leaders such as Masarrat Alam Butt, Shabir Ahmed Shah, Mohammad Yasin Malik and Asiya Andrabi, urging India to release them immediately. The attendees emphasized that the United Nations has recognized the right to self-determination for Kashmiris and demanded that they be granted this right to decide their political future.

Dr. Mohammad Faisal reiterated Pakistan’s unwavering support for Kashmiris rights, emphasizing the country’s continuous political, moral, and diplomatic backing in their struggle for self-determination. Debbie Abraham stated that she and her group are consistently raising the Kashmir issue in the British Parliament, asserting that Kashmiris must be granted their inherent right according to UN resolutions.

Raja Najabat Hussain, Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Self-Determination Movement International, expressed gratitude to British Parliamentarians and other participants for their full participation in the Kashmir Unity Conference, stating that their organization will not rest until Kashmiris are granted their natural right to self-determination, free from any coercion.

The conference was attended by Sarah Owen, Lord Waheed Khan, Khalid Mahmood, Mohammad Yasin, Rachel Hopkins, Jim McMahon, Stephen Timms, Claudia Webbe, Alison Thewliss, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Sim Teeri, Emma Reynolds, Asia Hussain, Saadia Mir, Shazia Safi, Mazamil Ayub Thakur, Rehana Khan Advocate, Sheikh Ramzi Ahmed, Liaqat Ali Khan, Chaudhry Muhammad Azim, Raja Hesham Sharif Chatter and other participants.

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