Protest demo in Muzaffarabad against construction of ‘Ram Temple’ on Babri Masjid’s site

Muzaffarabad: A protest demonstration was organized outside the Central Press Club, Muzaffarabad, today, under the auspices of Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir against the martyrdom of Babri Masjid and construction of the ‘Ram Temple’ in the Indian city of Ayodhya.

Addressing the protest demonstration, Uzair Ahmed Ghazali, Raja Muhammad Arif Khan, Bilal Ahmad Farooqi, Chaudhry Feroze Deen, Ghulam Hussain Butt, Iqbal Yasin Awan, Sarandaz Mir, Muhammad Atif Lone, Chaudhry Muhammad Mushtaq, Muhammad Iqbal Mir, Usman Ali Hashim, Yasir Ali Naqvi, Ishaq Shaheen and other speakers said that the two biggest terrorist countries in the world, India and Israel, are carrying out terrorist activities through the worst conspiracies against Islam.

They said Israel as a state has destroyed hundreds of mosques in Gaza. By martyring and massacring thousands of Muslims, occupying Al-Aqsa Mosque is furthering the satanic plan of Greater Israel and the Indian government is destroying the holy land by martyring Babri Masjid, which is considered a symbol of Islamic renaissance in South Asia.

The speakers expressed regret and said that at a time when the illegal Ram Temple has been constructed in place of the Babri Masjid, the Muslim Ummah is playing the role of a silent spectator. India is also making the worst attacks on the Muslim identity of Jammu and Kashmir, they added.

They said in such situations, fifty-seven Muslim countries should come forward and take steps to stop the war crimes being committed against Muslims in India. They said history will repeat itself when the Babri Masjid is built in full glory on its own site.

The speakers also appealed to the Muslim Ummah for a diplomatic boycott against India.

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