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Kashmiri diaspora

6th November is day of great Kashmiri martyrs

Makkah: The speakers in a function in Makkah, paying glowing tributes to the Jammu martyrs, said that November 6, 1947 was the day of the great martyrs as on this day the enemies broke the records of brutalities by shedding the blood of innocent Kashmiris.

The speakers included Kashmir Committee, Jeddah, President Masood Ahmadpuri, Jammu and Kashmir Community Chairman Sardar Waqas and others on the occasion of Jammu Martyrs Day, condemned the cruel actions of the Indian forces and paid tributes to the martyrs.

They said the martyrdom of Kashmiris has been going on for the last over seven decades and Kashmiris have lit the candle of freedom with their blood for freedom from India. They said the time is not far when the people of Kashmir will get freedom from Indian rule.

On the occasion, Muhammad Aamil Usmani, Sardar Muhammad Iqbal Yusuf, Nasr Iqbal, Sardar Khan, Aamir Ghani Mir, Jan Gulzar, Sharif Zaman, Dr Arif Khurshid, Fazal Rahman Memon, Chaudhry Khurshid Matyal, Abdul Latif Abbasi, Engineer Arif Mughal, Kamran Anwar Baig, Sardar Muhammad Ashfaq Chaudhry, Sardar Iqbal, Chaudhry Maroof Hussain, Sardar Mehtab Sarwar, Raja Shamroz, Raja Riaz, Raja Maroof Akhtar, Pirzada Waheed Khaksar, Engineer Nauman. Tasadeq, Sardar Mustafa Khan and others were also present.

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