Pakistan committed to IIOJK freedom

By Muhammad Abdullah

Pakistan celebrates its 76th Republic Day, on March 23. It will be the 86th anniversary of the Lahore Resolution, wherein the historical resolution of a Muslim-majority nation in South Asia was adopted.

This resolution eventually led to the formation of Pakistan on August 14th, 1947.

Pakistan has seen several challenges and struggles in its history. However, this day has always been celebrated with zeal and sentiment, especially more so now that we have seen the importance of sovereignty.

Growing fascism in India, facilitated by its right-wing government, demonstrates to us the importance of the Lahore Resolution, which stood for an end to religious discrimination, for freedom and inclusivity for the Muslims of the subcontinent; these causes which have been endangered more than ever in modern India and are only an affirmation of the struggle of our forefathers over seven decades ago.

Pakistan on the other hand has remained committed to supporting the indigenous struggle of Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmir issue is a long-standing dispute between India and Pakistan over the region of Jammu and Kashmir. India has illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and stationed 1 million troops there to break and silence the will of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Pakistan liberated a portion of Kashmir in 1947 which enjoys democracy and every fundamental right.

The recent local body elections are an example of true democracy in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

After armed resistance erupted in IIOJK in 1989, India used draconian methods and laws to curb the sentiment of masses. Pakistan is also raising the issues of human rights abuses in different humanitarian forums including UN and OIC.

Efforts have been made over the years to resolve the issue through diplomatic means, but India has remained stubborn into going for peace dialogue on Kashmir. The United Nations has also been involved in the dispute, with the UN Security Council passing several resolutions calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir to allow the people of the region to determine their own future. However, the implementation of these resolutions has been stalled due to non-seriousness of India.

Pakistan is continuously calling for implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution in IIOJK so that the people of IIOJK can be freed from the clutches of Indian barbarism. Pakistan has continuously maintained that Pakistan will never leave Kashmiri brethren in the lurch in any circumstances and will continue to support the Kashmir Cause through thick and thin whatever may be the situation.

Pakistan’s continued political, diplomatic and moral support to the people of IIOJK for their struggle for Right of Self-Determination is acting as a threshold to the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir who consider Pakistan and its defense forces as savior
On the other hand, Kashmiris believe in the principle of equality and demand respectable free life with no discrimination of rights from the rest of the world. They believe that the Two Nations Theory which was based on the partition plan is still valid for the solution of the Kashmir dispute.

The belief in Pakistan and Kashmir is that the day is not far away when IIOJK will become an integral part of our beloved Pakistan as per the dream of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Quaid-e-Kashmir Syed Ali Gilani.

The recent statement by Pakistan Army Chief on Kashmir has instilled a new spirit in the ongoing freedom movement.

– The writer is a research scholar with area of interest: Conflict Studies in South Asia, Political Conflicts including insurgencies and propaganda modal in media.

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