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US warns of armed India-China conflict due to LAC standoff

Washington, March 09 (KMS): The US has warned of a likely conflict between India and China due to expanded military postures along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community stated that India-China relations will remain strained in the wake of the Galwan clash in 2020.

The US report also suggested that the likely conflict might involve direct threats to US persons and interests and called for Washington’s intervention.

This evaluation on March 8 forms part of the annual threat assessment of the U.S. intelligence community that was submitted to the U.S. Congress by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence during a Congressional hearing.

Previous standoffs have demonstrated that persistent low-level friction on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has the potential to escalate swiftly, it said.

Relations between China and India have virtually frozen ever since the eastern Ladakh military standoff between the two countries in May 2020.

India has been maintaining that its ties with China cannot be normal unless there is peace in the border areas.

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