Female Hindutva leader claims brutal assault on Muslim youth in Ghaziabad

Lucknow, March 08 (KMS): A Muslim youth, identified as Shahrukh Khan, was brutally assaulted, abused and tortured by a Hindutva mob in Ghaziabad city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and female Hindu extremist leader has claimed responsibility of the brutal act.

In a video that went viral on social media, a mob is seen abusing, assaulting, and tonsuring the youth. Khan could be seen pleading for help and mercy from his assaulters. All his pleadings fell on deaf ears and he was captured by the rowdy and violent mob.

The same video was posted on Facebook by Aastha Maa, a self-proclaimed female Hindu religious leader and national president of Hindutva organization ‘Uttisth Bharat’. The description of the religious organization on Facebook reads: “O Hindu Brothers! The Holy land of Bharat is a self-materialised ‘Hindu Nation’. Her Facebook page has 2.6 K followers.

Taking responsibility of the incident, Aastha Maa wrote on her Facebook page in Hindi, which translates in English as “Today, one Shahrukh Khan has been caught; he had a razor in his pocket, used by barbers. He was beaten up by people, but I told them to shave his head instead, and he was tonsured then, very beautiful. Will you not congratulate me? Her post was followed by emoticons representing joy. However, the post stands deleted now.

As the incident came to light and surfaced on social media, the Ghaziabad Police tweeted that action has been initiated against those involved in the matter. Five persons have been arrested so far, the police said.

Screenshots of Aastha Maa’s Facebook page have also been making rounds on social media and several people are seeking action from the Ghaziabad Police. No action has been taken against her so far.

The Hindutva leader Aastha Maa has a history of indulging in such illegal acts and inciting violence against minorities, particularly Muslims.


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