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Hundreds gather in Ferozepur Jhirka to demand justice for killed Muslim men

Chandigarh, February 25 (KMS): Hundreds of people gathered in Ferozepur Jhirka town in the Indian state of Haryana to demand justice for two Muslim men Nasir and Junaid, who were recently killed by Hindutva members.

On Thursday, the fully charred bodies of the two Muslim youth were found inside a vehicle in Bhiwani district of Haryana. Hindutva organization Bajrang Dal’s cow vigilante Monu Manesar and his associates had burnt them alive on suspicion of cow smuggling.

Sharing the video of the protest demonstration, noted journalist and poet, Kaushik Raj, in a tweet said, “Hundreds of people gathered in Ferozepur Jhirka to demand justice for Nasir and Junaid. No media will show this. The voices of these hundreds of people will be ignored by the mainstream media.”

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