More clashes expected between Indian & Chinese troops in Ladakh: document

New Delhi, January 27 (KMS): A security assessment by Indian police in Ladakh says there could be more clashes between Indian and Chinese troops along their contested frontier in the Himalayan region amid ramping up of military infrastructure by both the countries there.

The assessment is part of a new, confidential research paper by the Ladakh Police that was submitted at a conference of top police officers held from January 20 to 22 in New Delhi, Reuters reported.

The report said the assessment was based on intelligence gathered by police in Ladakh in the border areas and the pattern of India-China military tensions over the years.

As per Reuters, the assessment assumes significance as it was submitted at a conference attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Given Chinese economic interests in the region, the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) would continue to build up its military infrastructure and skirmishes would also get frequent which may or may not follow a pattern, the paper said, adding, “If we analyse the pattern of skirmishes and tensions, the intensity has increased since 2013-2014 with an interval of every 2-3 years”.

The report also said India has been slowly losing ground to China in Ladakh as the border has been pushed inside territory previously under India’s control through the creation of buffer zones.

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