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SFJ announces second phase of Khalistan Referendum in Canada on Nov 6

London, October 03 (APP): ‘Sikhs For Justice’ (SFJ) has announced that it will hold the second Phase of Khalistan Referendum voting on November 6 in Toronto, Canada, to accommodate those who could not cast vote on September 18.

Sikhs for Justice, a US-based Sikh organization that supports the secession of Punjab from India for the creation of Khalistan, said that over 110,000 Sikhs had voted on September 18 in a massive turnout and thousands were unable to vote as the voting ended at 5:00pm and it was not possible for the organisers to accommodate nearly 40,000 voters who were still in queues as the voting ended.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, an Attorney at Law in New York and General Counsel to the SFJ, said that the decision to hold the second phase of Khalistan Referendum on a huge demand from the local Sikh community. “The Canadian Sikhs made history on September 18 by coming out for Khalistan in huge numbers and they will do so again on November 6,” Pannun added.

The second phase of Khalistan Referendum will test India-Canada diplomatic relations as both countries have been engaged in open warfare since the start of Khalistan Referendum campaign in Canada. After the first referendum in Brampton, both countries have issued travel advisories against each other, warning their respective citizens.

Before the voting took place in Brampton, Ontario, India tried to put diplomatic pressure on Canada to stop the voting but the Canadian government told India that it believed in the territorial integrity of the South Asian country but it was unable to stop its own Sikh nationals from engaging in a democratic and peaceful process.

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