Indonesia, Malaysia summon India’s envoys over blasphemous remarks for Prophet (PBUH)

Jakarta, June 08 (KMS): Indonesia and Malaysia have both summoned India’s envoys in their countries over blasphemous remarks made about the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) by the two BJP officials.

It comes as the protest spreads across the Arab and Muslim world, with various Middle Eastern nations summoning New Delhi’s envoys and a Kuwaiti supermarket removing Indian products.

Remarks by a spokeswoman for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who has since been suspended, sparked the furore. Another official, the party’s media chief for Delhi, posted a blasphemous tweet last week about the Prophet (PBUH) that was later deleted.

Indonesian foreign ministry spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah said that India’s ambassador in Jakarta, Manoj Kumar Bharti, was summoned, with the government lodging a complaint about anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Malaysia also “unreservedly condemns the blasphemous remarks” by the Indian politicians, its foreign ministry said in a statement late Tuesday, adding that it had conveyed its “total repudiation” to India’s envoy.

“Malaysia calls upon India to work together in ending the Islamophobia and cease any provocative acts in the interest of peace and stability,” it said.

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