Thousands of Sikhs turn up for Khalistan Referendum in Noveralla

Novellara, Italy, May 22 (KMS): Thousands of Sikhs were seen in queues in Novellara, Italy, to cast their vote for Khalistan Referendum as Sikhs in India and abroad are spearheading a separate homeland in Indian Punjab.

The voting started at 8:00am and continued till filing of the report.

A record-breaking number of Sikhs turned up for the Khalistan Referendum voting campaign for the creation of an independent Khalistan state and secession of Punjab from India on Sunday.

The turnout, as reported from the Novellara, by many Sikh TV and Web channels would no less than that of Brescia, Italy, which underwent for the polling on May 8.

According to various estimates – including the local intelligence assessment – more than 40,000 Sikh men and women answered calls by the pro-Khalistan advocacy group, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) to cast their votes for the non-binding voting process, which has captured imaginations since its start in October last year from London.