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Philippines re-evaluates ‘faulty’ BrahMos missile deal with India after Pakistan fiasco

Manila, April 08 (KMS): Days after the “accidental firing” of an Indian missile which landed in Pakistan, Philippines, is rethinking to review BrahMos missiles deal from India of worth US $375 million.

Philippines Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana had called in Indian ambassador, Shambhu S Kumaran, in Manila and sought an explanation on the firing of the BrahMos missile into Pakistan. Indian envoy claimed that there was no technical issue with the missile systems and an “enquiry was underway”.

The firing of the missile has triggered concerns in Manila. India has officially acknowledged it had accidentally fired a sophisticated, unarmed missile into Pakistan on 9 March due to a “technical malfunction,” raising concerns about safeguards against miscalculation between the two nuclear-armed neighbors.

The incident raises questions not only about India’s operational safety procedures and controls, but also the extent to which its offensive strike missiles are deployed in a launch-ready condition.

On 28 January, Philippines signed a deal to buy three batteries of the BrahMos missile. This incident should be an eye-opener for other South East Asian countries who are planning to purchase BrahMos missile from India. Such deals cane safely be called “suicidal one” as the current incident shows that faulty missile can deviate from its course and can even destroy the host country.

Rather than assuring defense, missiles like BrahMos have the ability to further deteriorate the situation.

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