Christians witnessing a steady rise in attacks by Hindutva terrorists in India under Modi


Islamabad, March 31 (KMS): Hindu terrorists threat, kill Christians and vandalize their places of worship with sheer impunity in India under fascist Narendra Modi’s rule.

Members of the Christian community are being persecuted at rising levels like never before in India and they feel more threatened in the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Indian states, said a report released by Kashmir Media Service, today.

It lamented that like Muslims, Christians were also witnessing a steady rise in attacks by Hindutva terrorists since Modi came to power. Hindutva terrorism is forcing Indian Christians to hide their faith or perform religious services in secrecy, it added.

Delhi-based NGO, United Christian Forum, said that 2021 was the most violent year for Christians in India since 2014 as 486 incidents of violence against Christians in India were recorded in the year, 75 percent increase than the previous year.

The report said Hindu extremists have been given a free hand to attack religious minorities especially Christian and Muslims and that both the communities are on the brink of genocide in India.

It said demonizing minorities in India is part of Modi’s plan to consolidate Hindu supremacism, adding seeking Hindu domination in India is the guiding principle for the BJP-led Indian government.