‘Make them second class citizens’: BJP MLA demands withdrawal of voting rights of Muslims

Patna, February 25 (KMS): Hari Bhushan Thakur, Bihar BJP MLA,  has demanded withdrawal of voting rights of members of Muslim community.

He was reacting to a comment of AIMIM leader Akhtarul Imam who said that the government should give rights to Muslim community as per its population.

“When our country had achieved Independence in 1947, Muslim community was given a piece of land in the form of Pakistan. They should have gone there. We do not want them in this country,” Thakur said.

“They (Muslims) are increasing population and want to make India a Muslim state. Muslim leaders have agenda to make every country an Islamic state. We cannot allow that to happen. Hence we have demanded from the government the withdrawal of voting rights from them and make them second class citizens,” Thakur said.

Thakur further said that they are considered minorities in the country. “I would say that the term called minority used for Muslim community is a mockery of the constitution. They are not minorities. Their population is continuously increasing,” he said.

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