Behaving like East India Company Modi regime taking away something from Kashmiris on daily basis: Mehbooba

# EveryRightOfKashmirisSnatched

Jammu, February 21 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti has called for a peaceful struggle for the restoration of snatched rights, saying the August 5, 2019 development was like an earthquake and its aftershocks are still continuing with the Modi-led Indian regime taking away something on a daily basis from the Kashmiris.

Addressing a party function at Surankote in Poonch district, she said attempts are on to divide the people and the interim report of the delimitation commission was part of the process to pit Hindus versus Muslims, Muslims versus Muslims, Gujjars versus Pahari- speaking people and one versus other.

Mehbooba said August 5, 2019 was not just a tragedy for the people of Jammu and Kashmir but it struck them like an earthquake. “An earthquake ends within a few minutes but we are still being hit by aftershocks. They are still snatching from us on a daily basis to finish our identity, culture and traditions. They are forcibly taking away land from the people,” she said.

The PDP chief said the land which was under the occupation of the people for over a century is being taken away to give it to big industrialists in both Jammu and Kashmir regions and the way the regime is working, the day is not far when our youths will not get a foothold to stand up .

Mehbooba also criticized the BJP regime for the dismissal of IIOJK employees and massive raids. They are doing everything to break the backbone of the people of J&K. Deliberate attempts are being made to make people poorer so that they are silenced and are not able to stand up, she said. She said they want dead souls as it suits their narrative of a peaceful atmosphere in J&K which is, in fact, the silence of a graveyard.

The BJP is behaving like the East India Company, adding people have to raise their voice in a peaceful manner as Gandhi did against the British rule.

Referring to the delimitation commission draft proposal to merge Poonch and Rajouri districts of Jammu with Islamabad parliamentary seat in Kashmir, Mehbooba said they merged it with Islamabad to sow the seeds of hatred among the people of Kashmir and this region.

Mehbooba Mufti urged people to vote for PAGD allies in the next J&K assembly polls to defeat the BJP and its associates, which, she said, were hampering the case of restoration of the territory’s special status in the apex court.

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