Muslim youth dies in Tihar jails, body bears tell-tale proof of torture

New Delhi, February 20 (KMS): The family members of 18-year-old Zeeshan Malik, who died in Indian infamous Tihar jail, New Delhi, said that his body had a lot of injury marks which suggest that he was tortured in the jail.

The victim ‘Zeeshan’s shoulder, arms and knees were fractured while ribs were also fractured which is evident from the injury marks.

He was killed in a brutal manner, said his uncle. Zeeshan was in jail for three months in a case of stealing cigarettes. On 14 February, investigating officer, Niranjan Kumar asked Zeeshan’s father Ayyub Malik to visit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital to meet his son, whose condition was serious. When Zeeshan’s parents reached the hospital, Kumar informed them that their son was no more.

Talking to media men, Zeeshan’s uncle, Furqan, said days ago, Zeeshan’s father met him in the Tihar jail. Zeeshan was hale and hearty at that time. How could he fall ill suddenly, and die? It’s a mystery.

“I have seen the photo of Zeeshan’s dead body. He had some injury marks in different parts of his body. If Zeeshan had died due to some illness, there won’t have been any injury marks on his body,” said Furqan, adding that when they saw the body, it was disfigured beyond recognition.

His father, however, recognised him only after seeing his toe nails. His mother and sisters recognised him after his face was cleaned.

“Marks of blood clots were visible on his face. His head too bore marks of beatings. He was also hit in his eyes,” said his uncle Furqan.

Zeeshan’s body was not handed over to the family immediately after his death. It took three days for the family to access his body, only then he could be buried. Furqan said they found the injury marks while giving bathe to his dead body.

Furqan believes his nephew was beaten up by four to five people. “Zeeshan’s shoulder, arms and knees were fractured. His ribs were also fractured which is evident from the injury marks… He was killed in a brutal manner,” said the distraught uncle amid sobs.

The family members protested against the police in front of Makkar Hospital at Patparganj Road in Delhi for justice.

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