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Voices from IIOJK

Police in Karnataka start profiling Kashmiri students

Bangaluru, February 15 (KMS): Amid the ongoing controversy over hijab ban, Karnataka police have started profiling Kashmiri students studying in different colleges in the India’s southern State.

The police in Karnataka have directed all the colleges to profile Kashmiri students. They have been asked to collect the personal details of Kashmiri students including their name, present and permanent address, e-mail, and cell number.

Several Kashmiri students complained that they were asked to fill up their personal details on a form.

Nasir Khuehami, the spokesperson for J&K Students Association told media that the Internal Security Division (ISD) of Karnataka has endorsed that profiling of Kashmiri students is being done on their direction. “We talked to different agencies that denied such profiling of Kashmiri students, but ISD of Karnataka endorsed the claim made by the Kashmiri students.

Khuehami while saying that this development has led to fear among Kashmiri students in Karnataka quoted an ISD official as having said that this is a routine exercise and they do it every year.

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