Future of IIOJK students bleak in India under Modi


Islamabad, January 24 (KMS): When International Day of Education is being observed worldwide, India is depriving Kashmiri students of their right to education through different means including militarization.

All fundamental freedoms including right to education are being denied to the Kashmiris, said a report released in connection with the day today. The education of Kashmiri students has been badly hit since revocation of Article 370 and subsequent military siege imposed by the Modi regime in IIOJK in August 2019.

Frequent raids in the name of cordon and search operations, curfews and other restrictions are taking a heavy toll on the Kashmiri students’ education. Kashmiri students are being harassed and humiliated by Indian troops during these CASOs on daily basis.

Besides, regular internet suspensions by Indian authorities had immensely hit education in the territory. Parents hesitate to send their children to schools for fear of being picked up by Indian troops killings of local youth in fake encounters have become a routine.

Kashmiri students are not even safe inside India where they are harassed by Hindutva goons and expelled from educational institutions. India under Modi is even barring Kashmiri students from studying in colleges outside India.

The continued disruption of education is giving rise to depression among Kashmiri students. “The future of Kashmiri students is bleak in India under Modi,” the report concluded.