Indian media continues to sell venomous, hatred based Hindutva ideology

Srinagar, January 07 (KMS): Indian media continues to sell venomous and hatred based Hindutva ideology.

The Indian media is propagating that in the Nagpur RSS recce case, out of the four youth arrested from Srinagar on Thursday, one has been identified to be among the ones who carried out the recce at RSS headquarters in Nagpur earlier in 2021.

Indian police arrested four Kashmiri youth in Srinagar on Thursday.

The police arrested the youth, Suhail Qadir Khanday, Suhail Mushtaq Waza, Basit Bilal Makaya and Naikoo Imad Nasar, in Baghat Barzulla and Qamarwari areas of the city.

The police labeled Suhail Khanday and Suhail Waza as militants while Basit Bilal and Naikoo Imad as over-ground workers of mujahid organizations to justify their arrest.

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