PHC plans four-day visit of Indian pilgrims in Pakistan to promote faith tourism

Islamabad, December 17 (KMS): The Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) has planned a four-day visit of Indian pilgrims to Teri Mandir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gurdwara Panja Sahab, Hassan Abdaal, Kataas Raj Mandir, Chakwal and Gurdwara Deraa Sahab, Lahore, from January 1 to January 4 to promote faith tourism.

The PHC has further conveyed that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will provide an aircraft for Delhi-Peshawar sector (one way) on 1st January for transportation of Indian pilgrims. The pilgrims will return to India via Wagah-Attari border on 4th January.

It has been decided that PHC will facilitate the initiative of ‘Faith Tourism’. Pahic, New Delhi, is requested to approach Indian Ministry of External Affairs for seeking in-principle approval for operating PIA flight on 1st January for New Delhi- Peshawar sector (one-way).

Upon receipt of approval from Indian side, PIA will initiate the process of obtaining commercial/charter flight clearance.

The Pahic, New Delhi, is also requested to provide necessary visa facilitation to Indian pilgrims for the visit.

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