‘Naya Kashmir’ being advertised is not reality: Mehbooba Mufti

New Delhi, December 05 (KMS): The Peoples Democratic Party President, Mehbooba Mufti has said that the Indian government is projecting Jammu and Kashmir as “peaceful” whereas the fact is that blood is being spilled on its roads and people are being slapped with draconian laws for expressing their opinion.

Mehbooba Mufti speaking at the Aaj Tak Summit about “Naya Kashmir”, said her late father Mufti Mohammed Sayeed had tied up with the BJP in 2014 only because he wanted to usher in a new regime of peace in the territory.

“My father had seen a statesman like Atal Bihari Vajpayee earlier and he had hoped that the new regime of BJP will work on the same ideology,” she said.

She questioned the use of the term “Naya Kashmir” and said “the new Kashmir that is being advertised is not the reality. Today an 18-month-old girl is sitting in a protest to get the body of her father who was killed by Indian forces.”

“A Kashmiri Pandit was killed in broad daylight. The road is covered with the blood of a Bihari man and we call it Naya Kashmir? Is this what we anticipated from the word ”Naya Kashmir”? Everywhere the situation is projected to be better, then why are the number of paramilitary forces increased, fresh bunkers built,” she asked.

“Forget ”Naya Kashmir” and let us talk about ”Naya Hindustan”…. In Naya Hindustan, anyone talking about the Constitution is labelled as ”tukde tukde gang”, minorities irrespective of being a roadside vendor or a film star are socially and economically outcast, farmers demanding repeal (of farm laws) are labelled as Khalistani and booked under UAPA.

“This may be the Naya Hindustan but it does not belong to my (Mahatma) Gandhi. This seems to be an India of (Nathuram) Godse and what they are making is Godse ka Kashmir where people are not allowed to talk and even, I am detained in house for at least two days in a week,” she said.

To a question as to what difference did the abrogation of Article 370 make, she said, “We have been betrayed first and foremost. If this was a guarantee, why was it (abrogation) done. She warned that whatever is happening in Kashmir can be replicated in India.

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