Friday Namaz in Gurgaon:  Representatives of Muslims visit Gurdwara to express gratitude

New Delhi, November 20 (KMS): Days after a Hindu businessman, Akshay Yadav, gave his place and five Gurdwaras opened their doors for Namaz in Gurgaon, Muslim community representatives on Friday visited a Gurdwara in Sector 17 to greet Sikhs on the occasion of Gurupurb and also facilitate Yadav as well as Sikh community leader Sherdil Singh Sidhu “for their generous gesture of offering space to Muslims of Gurgaon to offer Juma Namaz”.

Mohammad Adeeb, former member of parliament, and Altaf Ahmad, co-founder of Gurgaon Ekta Manch, met the Sikh community leaders at the Gurdwara. The representatives from both the communities exchanged hugs and smiles amidst the glare of cameras.

The move is seen as a significant step towards restoration of communal harmony in the area and a defeat to the anti-Muslim elements who have been opposing Namaz in the open for more than two months.

The weekly Muslim prayer could not be held at the Gurdwara on Friday, November 19, as there was a rush of Sikh devotees observing Gurupurb.

A note of thanks presented to the Gurdwara committee by the representatives of Muslims said:  “compassion, love and oneness are the basic tenets of all religions and your effort draws us closer to that truth. Your commitment to this truth shines in this darkness and enables all of us to retain our faith in the goodness that resides in our social fabric.”

Altaf said that the Muslim community appreciates the kind gesture of individuals and the committee to open their space for Juma Namaz. “It is a true example of brotherhood,” said Altaf.

Meanwhile, Yadav, the Hindu businessman, hosted Friday prayer at his place in Sector 12. This was the second straight week that nearly two dozen Muslims offered namaz at his place. Sector 12 is the area where Hindutva groups held a puja at the designated site of Namaz two weeks back and did not allow Namaz even last week.

Speaking with media, Yadav said that he opened the doors for Muslims to “do my bit for humanity and country”.

“I felt bad that people were being stopped from worshipping when it is a right given by our constitution. This was happening outside my home in Sector 12. So I told my Muslim tenants that they can come and offer their prayer at my shop which is lying vacant. I told them not to confront those opposing Namaz,” Yadav said.

After he stepped up to offer his space in a show of communal harmony, a number of people are now coming forward to ensure that the attempts to create hatred and violence are defeated.

The Muslim community, however, reiterated its demand for allotment of land to construct mosques in the area. “I hope that the Government of Haryana takes cognisance of these events and allocates land to Muslims at the earliest so they can build mosques and could pray with dignity,” said Altaf.