Pakistan can’t separate itself from Kashmir even for a moment: Chaudhry Sarwar

Lahore, November 16 (KMS): Governor Punjab, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, has said that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and Pakistan can’t separate itself from Kashmir even for a moment.

According to Kashmir Media Service, he said this while speaking during a special ceremony organized at the Governor House Lahore, today, for awarding Allama Iqbal Award to Mashaal Mullick, wife of Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Muhammad Yasin Malik, in recognition of her contribution for raising voice for Kashmiris.

On the occasion, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar and Mashaal Mullick discussed Kashmir and other issues. Both called for immediate resolution of the Kashmir dispute for peace in the region.

Governor Punjab said we stand firm like a rock with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. He said Indian forces at the behest of Narendra Modi have unleashed a reign of terror in Kashmir and the Muslim community must unite and raise their voice against this. He said the dream of peace in the region can never be materialized without the resolution of the Kashmir dispute.

Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said, Prime Minister Imran Khan is fighting for Kashmir’s freedom all over the world by becoming the ambassador of Kashmiris as promised and the ongoing Indian atrocities against Kashmiris are being exposed all over the world. He urged the international organizations, including the United Nations, to end their silence on the Kashmir issue, adding that according to UN resolutions, it is the responsibility of the UN to resolve the dispute, which must be fulfilled in any case.

Governor Punjab said since Narendra Modi came to power, not only Kashmiris but also other minorities including Muslims living in India have been subjected to the worst atrocities and human rights are being violated there too. One thing India must understand is that they cannot suppress the voice of Kashmiris with the power of guns and bullets, he added. He said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, 220 million Pakistanis are with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

Speaking on the occasion, Mashaal Mullick said that Narendra Modi’s government has made Kashmir the largest prison in the world. Innocent Kashmiris are being imprisoned as well as being massacred. After failing in all its plans, India is also conspiring to make Kashmiris a minority by settling Hindus in IIOJK, she said, adding that all Islamic countries including Pakistan should unanimously raise their voice against this.

Mashaal Mullick said that India cannot suppress the freedom movement of Kashmiris through the use of power. “The Kashmiri people are still in high spirits. They are ready to face all the atrocities of India for their freedom. If not today, then tomorrow Kashmir will be free. Without Kashmir, Pakistan and without Pakistan, Kashmir is incomplete,” she said.

Mashaal Mullick added that the spirit and courage by which the Kashmiri people are fighting for their freedom deserve earnest appreciation.

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