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Anti-India rally held on Modi’s visit to Glasgow

Glasgow, November 03 (KMS): Hundreds of Kashmiris, Pakistanis and human rights activists gathered at the George Square Glasgow, UK, to protest against Modi’s visit to Glasgow for COP26 summit.

Anti-Modi protest was held on the call of Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland. The protesters chanted pro-freedom and anti-Modi slogans. The peaceful protesters were carrying placards inscribed with the slogans ” Kashmiris Want Freedom”, “Modi: Stop Genocide in Kashmir”, “India : Stop Demographical Terrorism in Kashmir” , “ Release All Political Prisoners”, “ Reject Hindutava, Reject Hate”, “Indian Army out of Kashmir “ and “Stop Killings in Kashmir”.

While addressing the anti-Modi rally in Glasgow, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK,Raja Fahim Kayani said, “Modi’s fascist regime believes in Hindutva idealogy just like the Nazis which the world witnessed in the past in Europe. Due to Modi’s involved in the Muslims genocide he was denied access to Europe and the US in a combine decision for a decade ban till he didn’t become the Prime Minister of India.”

Raja Fahim Kayani further said that Modi didn’t stop after becoming the PM but has become more active to show how fascist BJP government can be once in total power.

First Modi changed the special status of a disputed Muslim majority state Jammu and Kashmir on 5th August 2019 by abrogating articles 370 & 35A and imposed brutal siege on Kashmir for to make Kashmiris’ lives a living hell. The strength armed forces have been increased with ongoing lockdowns & cancellation of media services since last two years to control the lives of the defenseless Kashmiris.

President, Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland, Bialie Hanif Raja MBE said at the rally, “Kashmiris condemn Modi’s attendance at climate change summit in Glasgow. Modi would not be left alone with peace for his crimes against humanity which he committed when he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and he continued to commit being the PM of India against Kashmiris and Indian minorities. Modi should be isolated from the world for the crimes he committed against the humanity and economical sanctions must be imposed on India until India doesn’t implement the UN resolutions on Kashmir”

Syed Tufail Hussain, Patron in Chief said that India had also enacted Domicile Act 2020 in IOJK to bring in Indians which weren’t permitted under the State Subject Act 1927. Articles 370 & 35A were offered by India in 1956 when the princely status of IOJK was taken away in the process of slowly making it a part of India from Prime minister to chief minister like any other state of India. India has also been working on demographical changes from some time but the Domicile Law 2020 is a licence to openly change the Muslim majority disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir into Muslim minority state. Indian is giving away Kashmiri land to the army and politicians to keep a control on oppressed Kashmiris.

Syed Shukat Sultan said that the incidents against minorities are increasing with each day passing especially in IOJK since Modi became the PM in India. Modi’s role model is Hitler and he seems inspired with the Nazi era so is trying to repeat the history with Muslims this time than Jews.

Khawajah Muhammad also addressed the rally. Others who spoke on the occasion included Stuart Richardson, Gilbert Sekelani, Ch Waheed, Raja Iqbal, Shenaz Saddique, Maroof Khan, Naila Hussain, Haji Muhammad Hussain, Allama Rabani and Muhammad Khurshid.

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