IIOJK in focus

‘India cannot suppress Kashmiris’ struggle through use of brute force’

Islamabad, September 17 (KMS): Hurriyat AJK leaders, Imtiaz Wani and Zahid Ashraf, have said that India is trying to suppress the Kashmiris’ freedom movement through military might but will never succeed in its nefarious designs.

The Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Employees Movement, Imtiaz Wani in a statement issued in Islamabad expressed concern over the continued cordon and search operations, killing and arrest of youth by Indian troops in IIOJK. He said, these atrocities are being committed to suppress the Kashmiris’ voices, but the oppressors are forgetting the historical fact that freedom movements of nations never get suppressed by these kinds of tyrannies.

Imtiaz Wani said that Kashmiris would never tolerate the killing spree and atrocities and would continue their protests against the undemocratic and inhuman acts. He appealed to the world community to take notice of the worst situation of the occupied territory. He also appealed to the international human rights organisations to take cognizance of the plight of the Kashmiri detainees and impress upon India to release them forthwith.

The Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League Vice Chairman, Zahid Ashraf, in a statement denounced the surge in state terrorism and human rights violations by Indian troops across IIOJK. He denounced the occupation authorities for their brutal repression of the oppressed Kashmiris.

Zahid Ashraf said the extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests and detention of innocent Kashmiris by the authorities has been a norm for last three decades which now has taken the worst form under the Modi-led regime.

He appealed to the global fraternity, the UN and the human rights bodies across the world not to leave the hapless enslaved Kashmiris at the mercy of the murderous communal and expansionist Hindutva regime.

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