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Protest in Dehradun against hate rally in Delhi

New Delhi, August 15 (KMS): Scores of people, mostly Muslims, held a protest demonstration in Dehradun city in Uttarakhand against the August 08 hate rally of Hindutva groups at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

The demonstration which lasted for two hours (10AM- 12PM) was organised by Muslim Seva Sanghathan at Gandhi Park near the City Centre where protestors demanded strict legal action against those who raised genocidal hate slogans targetting Muslims at the Jantar Mantar rally.

“ hate rally against Muslims was allowed in the heart of Delhi within two-kilometre radius of Parliament and ministries and the Supreme Court,” said 36-year-old Nayeem Qureshi, president of the Sangathan. “This is unfortunate for Indian democracy.”

He also questioned the silence of “so-called secular parties” on the issue naming Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, Samajwadi Party. “Unfortunately, they kept quiet despite so much news and outrage.”

The videos of the provocative slogans went viral on social media triggering outrage and calls for action.

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