Speakers slam coercive measures by Modi govt in IIOJK

Muzaffarabad, August 01 (KMS): A meeting of political, religious and social parties was held in Muzaffarabad, today, against the oppressive measures taken by India on 5th August, 2019.

It was decided in the meeting to hold a rally for the right to self-determination, freedom and justice from the United Nations. The meeting was hosted by Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir and International Forum for Justice and Human Rights.

Addressing the meeting, the speakers slammed the coercive measures and laws imposed by the Modi-led fascist Indian government in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. They condemned the division of the occupied territory by force, destruction of state identity, human rights violations and execution of domicile to Indian citizens.

The speakers said that on August 5, 2019, India disregarded the rules and principles of the United Nations and abolished the special status of Kashmir. They said, “The Indian rulers have broken the conditional agreements and promises made with the state of Kashmir and figurate as a brutal country.”

The speakers paid homage to the people fighting for freedom, right to self-determination and justice against Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir. “Despite all the atrocities of 900,000 Indian forces, the entire Kashmiri nation stood by courage and perseverance”, speakers added. They said that the political future of the state could be decided only through an impartial referendum. They added that protest should be observed on August 5, 2021 in the entire Kashmir. They maintained, “Black flags will be waved and people will protest against India by wearing black ribbons.”

It was also decided in the meeting that on August 5 at 10am, a rally would be held from Burhanwani Shaheed Chowk to the UN observer’s office and followed by a sit-in. The Chairman of Pasban-e-Hurriyat Uzair Ahmad Ghazali, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Azad Kashmir leader Dr Lutf-ur-Rehman, Vice Chairman of International Forum for Justice and Human Rights, Mushtaq-ul-Islam, Abdul Aziz Alvi, Khalid Mahmood Zaidi, Javed Ahmed Mughal, Usman Ali Hashim, Saira Chishti, Syed Hamza Shaheen, Dawood Siddique, Chaudhry Shah Wali, Nazir Ahmed, Syed Nabil Bukhari, Qari Atiq-ur-Rehman Danish, Hafiz Abdul Ghafoor Tahiri and others were also present on the occasion.

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