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RSS may sideline Modi if his popularity plummets further: Congress leader

(The Hindu) Holding the Centre accountable for the tardiness of the vaccination drive in the country, senior Congress leader and the party’s national panel spokesperson Anant Gadgil on Monday predicted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in real danger of being sidelined by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh if his popularity …

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This is Modi’s India

On June 2, thousands of people gathered in Madhya Pradesh’s Chaukheda to drink water from the hands of fairies/angels. They broke all COVID guidelines after rumours spread that they can ward off COVID after drinking water from the hands of angels. On June 2, thousands of people gathered in Madhya …

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Seven Year Itch: COVID brings Modi to crossroads

Poonam I Kaushish Call it the seven year itch but the cruel Covid summer 2021 has brought Prime Minister Modi to the crossroads. From the euphoria of 2014 on the wings of hope and trust a chai-wallah made his debut on national stage, down riding the crest of popularity wave …

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