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Video: Kashmir Megazine : PTV

1- Why rapists & Killers in #BilqisBano case have been freed & She is after 20 years in search of Justice? Exclusive footages & Modis 15 August speech , does he really mean Indian women or merely hindu women protection, where is beti perhao beti bachao? 2- Owing to third …

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Video: Amar Nath Yatra in full swing in IOJK and 10th Muharram processions were banned

  1- How Amar Nath Yatra in full swing in IOJK however, 10th Muharram Processions were banned & youth brutally tortured, we have the exclusive footage from IOJK. 2- “Hum Du Hmary Bara” is it really just a movie or something else ! find out in Our Show , how Bollywood …

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Video: Indian Army using Kashmiris as Human Shield

1- Indian Army after using Kashmiris as Human Shield , now use animals as shield , fire upon them & then glorify them! Who Killed Axel (Army Dog) will unveil the story it’s just reflection of Hollywood’s 1997 movie “Wag the Dog”. i-e Kill a dog & disrupt world attention …

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Video: Indian agencies’ targeted attacks on Sikh community

Sikh community is a consistent target of Indian agencies. Sikhs are eliminated and marginalized in India. Indian agencies are targeting Sikh leadership and stars. RAW agents are trying to defame Sikhs in the US and Europe. RAW involved in targeting Sikhs in Peshawar and Kabul. Sikhs are being punished for …

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Where is freedom of expression? Peaceful protesters brutally assaulted by India under Modi

New Delhi, June 13 (KMS): Hindutva-inspired Indian police are brutally assaulting Muslims peacefully protesting against the Indian government’s denigration of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Ranchi in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Earlier, Indian police had shot dead two protesters and arrested more than 130 others during street rallies sparked …

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Video: ‘If ‘Upper’ Caste People Lived Here, There Would Be Development’

Siroli (Agra, India), February 03 (KMS): In this ground report ahead of the elections in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the situation from Siroli village in Agra is awful where villagers believed that they are being discriminated against just for being Dalits. A number of protesters said that if upper …

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