Article: Experts worry typhoid could pose the next health challenge as India delays vaccine

Amar Singh The measles outbreak in Mumbai, followed by Ranchi, Ahmedabad and Malappuram over the past month has drawn attention to the large number of unvaccinated children. Over 16,000 suspected cases have been recorded in India. Of the 20 children who have died of measles since October 26 in the …

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Article: Muslims have become electorally invisible in Gujarat

Syed Ali Mujtaba Even with a 9 percent Muslim population, there is a lone Muslim MLA being elected in the 182-member house in the Gujarat assembly in the election that concluded recently in 2022.  Overall the ruling BJP party won a total of 156 seats, the Congress just 17 seats, …

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Article: Muslim Alienation as an Electoral Tactic of BJP

Sabina Babar In the political narrative, the adoption of Hindu identity is based on the notion that adherence to the Hindu ethos will distinguish Indians and non-Indians. This notion has become the preamble of Hindu identity in India. The idea has been further enforced by stating that India is a …

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