Article: How to dismantle Hindutva?

(Dawn) If the opposition parties in India manage to strike an accord on a common strategy to shackle Modi there is no reason to believe they can’t succeed in dismantling Hindutva from India.

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Article: Kashmir: The World’s Most Misunderstood Conflict

Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai Washington, September 07 (KMS): “Such is Kashmir: the country, which may be conquered by the forces of spiritual love but not by the armed forces.” Rajatarangini (The River of Kings). 12th century. According to expert consensus, Kashmir is the most dangerous place on the planet today …

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Article: 100 years later, American Hindu leaders are making the same mistakes

(The Wire) An upcoming academic conference on Hindutva has sharpened the divide between American Hindus who believe in progressive politics and those that do not. If we look to history, we see that many of these tensions were present from the very beginnings of Hinduism in the US.

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