Feature: Saffron terror: Christians in India hold clandestine gatherings at night; secret baptism

Amidst the festivities of Christmas across the world, the Christians in India have been reduced to holding clandestine religious gatherings and secret baptisms as RSS goons never tolerate the non-Hindu rituals. Any non-Hindu religion has become a liability in Modi’s India as vicious Hindutva ideology, seeking Hindu domination in India, …

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Feature: Mental health is on the brink in Kashmir

(News Click) Experts believe that higher psychiatric disorders contribute to increased suicide rates in conflict zones, as mental health is often overlooked in focus on the physical aspects of trauma.

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Feature: Indian jails: Over 55% under trial inmates are Muslims, Dalits and tribals

Abdul Bari Masoud In its latest analysis on prison occupancy, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) revealed that the last two years witnessed over 23 percent increase in Indian jails which have already overcrowded and have the most inhuman conditions. The report said over nine lakh more were arrested during …

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