Feature: Kashmir’s Kangri specialists: The People of Okai

Raashid Hassan ‘Kangid Gassi aasin, Batti Matti aestan’ is a Kashmiri proverb which means the Kangid (traditional Kashmiri fire pot) is more important than food for a Kashmiri in winters. For a week now, the cold conditions in Kashmir have intensified and Shopian district has been the coldest place, even …

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Colonizing education in Indian occupied Kashmir

The continued conflict and turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir have had a devastating impact on almost every aspect of Kashmiri society. Education, considered as one of the fundamental human rights, has unfortunately been the hidden casualties of this lingering conflict that continues to wreak havoc on vulnerable segments of the society, in particular the young generation who are stuck in a dangerous conflict situation for the past several decades.

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