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Pakistan's Support to Kashmir

No peace without settlement of Jammu & Kashmir issue: PM

Risalpur: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Tuesday said peace in the region could not be guaranteed till the resolution of the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir between Pakistan and India.

In his address at the graduation ceremony of the officers in Risalpur at the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Asghar Khan Academy, he said, “Let me make it clear that there can be no peace without the settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir issue”.

Prime Minister Kakar said Pakistan was a peace-loving nation and wished to maintain friendly relations with all countries, especially its neighbours. He, however, categorically stated that the country’s desire for peace “must not be understood as weakness”.

The prime minister strongly condemned the ongoing grave human rights situation in the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan, he said, would not indulge in any arm race but would continue to enhance its capability in line with evolving technology to deter any aggression.

The prime minister highlighted that the rapidly changing geo-strategic environment had a profound impact on Pakistan and the rest of the region.

“Therefore, the situation demands advancements in space networks, cyber technology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence,” he said. He expressed satisfaction that PAF modernized itself through smart induction of cutting-edge niche technology and achieved great progress in cyber space and non-contact warfare through indigenous means.

The prime minister congratulated the cadets graduated from the colleges of flying training and aeronautical engineering and expressed confidence that they would give their best professional performance with commitment and diligence.

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