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IIOJK in focus

Life in Kashmir has further degraded due to exceeding power cuts: Traders

0Srinagar: The Kashmir Traders Alliance (KTA) has raised serious concerns about the prevalent unscheduled power cuts in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, citing detrimental impacts on residents and businesses alike.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Aijaz Shahdhar, the President of KTA, expressed dismay over the situation, emphasizing that despite assurances of uninterrupted power supply, the ground reality in Kashmir tells a different story. As winter sets in, the Valley is grappling with prolonged and unscheduled power disruptions.

“Life in the Kashmir valley has further degraded due to the exceedingly bad power supply,” remarked Shahdhar in a statement. He highlighted the erratic nature of power availability, with low voltage fluctuations and prolonged outages dominating daily life.

Shahdhar underscored the adverse effects on the business community, particularly merchants, who face operational challenges amid the unreliable power supply. He criticized the explanation that higher demand surpasses the available supply, urging the administration to take immediate steps to address the issue.

“The only absurd argument we hear is that there is a greater demand for power than there is supply, so why cannot they increase supply,” questioned Shahdhar, urging authorities to enhance power supplies to meet the needs of the residents and businesses.

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