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Indian forces’ harass people during CASOs, raids in IIOJK

Srinagar: Indian forces are terrorizing and harassing people during continued cordon and search operations and house raids in Srinagar and other areas of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian army, paramilitary and police personnel as well as sleuths of the dreaded National Investigation Agency and State Investigation Agency during so-called operations and raids barge into the residential houses and harass the inmates.

Many Kashmiri journalists who refused to file fabricated stories on Kashmir and resigned from several newspapers of the territory instead of toeing the BJP regime’s line to advance its Hindutva agenda in the territory are being summoned to the police stations and harassed.

It is worth mentioning here that India has rushed thousands of additional troops to occupied Kashmir, turning it into the world’s largest open-air prison.

Kashmiris are killed, tortured and arrested by Indian troops. Over one million troops deployed in every nook and corner of IIOJK by India have made the region as the most militarized zone of the world.

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