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Stop weapons supply to Israel and India, Rehmani urges world

Islamabad: Senior APHC-AJK leader Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has demanded ban on weapons supply to Israel and India under the current horrific situation of the Middle East and South Asia.

According to Kashmir Media Service, in a statement issued in Islamabad, he said, the Zionist state is sole responsible for 21st century ‘s holocaust in Gaza by slaughtering over 11 thousand Palestinians and more than four thousand children and inflicting serious wounds with the white phosphorus munitions on 28 thousand inhabitants.

Rehmani said one million people of Gaza have been expelled from their homes and at least one Zionist minister has been quoted as not ruling out an atom bomb on Gaza, while the ministers and commander of the armed forces calling Palestinians as human beasts. He said all this is utter violation of international humanitarian law and the manifesto of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“The UN and the American and Western countries’ parliaments and Congress bodies must hear clarion call of millions of peoples rallies on highways around the world for an instant and categorical ceasefire and declaration of an independent state of Palestine as a great step towards peace in the Middle East,” he said.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said, similarly India took its unilateral step of merging Kashmir with Delhi under the 5 August 2019 declaration.

“In Kashmir, it is a beginning of what Israel is accomplishing in Palestine by its holocaust plan in Gaza,” he warned and urged all countries of the world to take a practical stand against gross and flagrant violations of the International Humanitarian Law, mirroring urges and aspirations of the oppressed nations and the peoples of the world at large.

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