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November 09 is Black Day for Junagarh


Islamabad: November 09 is the Black Day for Junagarh as it was on this day in 1947 when India landed its troops and forcibly occupied the Muslim-ruled State in sheer violation of international law.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service in connection with the fateful day said India illegally occupied the Junagarh State through an act of brazen aggression and continues to occupy it even after the passage of 76 years.

It maintained that Pakistan has a rightful claim on Junagarh state owing to a genuine Instrument of Accession to this end. Nawab Mahabat Khan, the then governor of Junagarh, signed an agreement of accession to Pakistan in accordance with the ideology of the country on 15 September 1947.

The report said that it was the dream of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that Junagarh should be part of Pakistan. It said only the people of Junagarh have the right to decide its political future.

The report pointed out that India is illegally holding both Jammu and Kashmir and Junagarh while Pakistan is committed to continue its efforts for their righteous demand of freedom from Indian illegal occupation.

Jammu and Kashmir and Junagarh are two international issues needing a solution, it said, adding that the international community including the UN must play an effective role to liberate the two regions from Indian illegal occupation.

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