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Do not allow non-Hindus to participate in garba events in Hyderabad, says Raja Singh

Hyderabad: In a controversial development, Raja Singh, the MLA of Goshamahal constituency and suspended BJP leader, has stirred a heated debate in Hyderabad after issuing a stern warning to non-Hindus, cautioning them against participating in garba events.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Raja Singh demanded that all supporting staff at these events, including bouncers and videographers, must be Hindu. Furthermore, he emphasized the need to scrutinize attendees’ Aadhaar cards at the entrance, warning of consequences for any oversight by the organizers.

Issuing a similar warning, Laddu Yadav, the Hyderabad president (in charge) of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and Hindu right-wing member, also issued a warning against non-Hindus participating in garba events.

In a video posted on his X account, Yadav stressed the need for rigorous enforcement of the Aadhaar card verification process at event entrances.

Yadav made it clear that non-Hindus found inside these events would face legal action and any non-Hindu individuals discovered during the celebrations would be forcefully removed. This series of declarations has sparked widespread discussions about religious freedom and communal harmony within the region.

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