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Diplomatic tension between India and Canada intensifies further

New Delhi asks 41 Canadian diplomats to leave India by Oct 10

New Delhi: The ongoing diplomatic tension between India and Canada has further intensified as New Delhi has asked Canadian diplomats to leave the country.

India has asked Canada that it must repatriate 41 diplomats by October 10, the Financial Times reported today (Tuesday).

The ties between India and Canada have become seriously strained after the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced in the Parliament on September 21 the involvement of the Indian government agents in the June murder in Canada of a Sikh leader and Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Trudeau said he has shared the “credible allegations” with India “many weeks ago”.

The 45-year-old Nijjar was shot dead outside a Gurdwara in Surrey city of the British Columbia province on June 18. He advocated the creation of an independent Sikh state known as Khalistan by separating Punjab from India.

The Financial Times, citing people familiar with the Indian demand, said India had threatened to revoke the diplomatic immunity of those diplomats told to leave who remained after October 10. Canada has 62 diplomats in India and India had said that the total should be reduced by 41, the newspaper said.

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