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India under Modi has become a fascist state


Islamabad: India has been witnessing a rising tide of Hindu fascism since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of the country in 2014.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Narendra Modi is systematically advancing his Hindutva policies in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and across India. He has made India a dangerous place for Muslims and other minorities to live.

The RSS-backed BJP government is using strong-arm-tactics to subjugate the Muslims in India and IIOJK and ruthlessly suppressing those not toeing the Hindutva line. It is misusing the probe agencies and laws to scare those expressing voice of dissent.

Persecution of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and low-caste Hindus has alarmingly increased since BJP came to power. The fascist Modi regime is working on converting India into a Hindu Rashtra.

New Delhi’s August 05, 2019 illegal actions again testified that India is a fascist state which is hell bent upon converting IIOJK’s Muslim majority into a minority.

The fascist ideology of Narendra Modi, who is responsible for mass murder of Muslims in Gujarat, is a big threat to peace and stability in South Asia. International community must recognize that India has become a fascist state and should take cognizance of Hindu fascism in India and IIOJK. New Delhi must be brought to book for violating international laws in IIOJK.

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