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‘Saffronisation has hit India’s all institutions including judiciary’


Islamabad: Saffronisation has hit India’s all institutions including its judiciary as well as armed forces

According to Kashmir Media Service, Hindutva ideology is the main driving force behind saffronisation of India.

Indian judiciary is proving its saffron colours by blindly favoring the fascist Modi regime and has become highly saffronized since Modi became Indian Prime Minister.

Indian judiciary is always siding with the Modi government whenever any case related to Muslims comes before it and giving clean chit to tyrant Modi in Gujrat riots case is a clear example of saffronized Indian judiciary.

Verdicts on Hijab and Babri Masjid demolition cases have already proven that the Indian judiciary is giving priority to Hindutva ideology.

Saffronisation of India: Establishing hegemony of Hindus and Hindu way of life. There is no room for others but Hindus in the world’s so-called largest democracy.

Modi’s saffron brigade has initiated a cultural war against minorities, particularly Muslims, and properties, lives, honour and religious freedoms of Indian minorities are at the mercy of Hindu extremists.

The Modi regime is making all-out efforts to distort history with the aim of transforming India into a Hindu state as part of saffronisation of India; the BJP government is planning to rename all cities and landmarks having Muslims-rooted names

Saffronisation of India will have devastating consequences not only for India but for the whole world as well and the world must wake up to stop India from becoming a fascist and saffronized state.

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