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‘Minority communities being oppressed in India’


Islamabad: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been enjoying his position in power since 2014 and as widely popular among hard-core Hindu fanatics, Modi has time and again used anti-minority policies to gain support of the Indian masses.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said it is not a new phenomenon in India that Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP have put forward unfair policies oppressing the minority communities.

It said there is no end to incidents of violence against the minorities. Just a few months ago, it said, adding communal violence erupted in Nuh of Haryana state in India. The rift primarily on a religious basis occurred between Muslim and Hindu groups

It said there has been another incident of a terror attack against Muslims in a train from Jaipur to Mumbai killing four people. There has been a constant suppression of Muslim, Christian, Dalit and Sikh minority groups in India, it lamented.

The report said Muslim minority population of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) has been constantly subject to Modi’s Hindu fascist policies. It is without any doubt that Modi’s highly nationalistic policies have been very favourable in getting him electoral support of Hindutva led voters, it said, adding nevertheless, highly rising violent incidents against minorities are shaking India’s image. It is not long before the threshold is crossed.

The report said Modi’s anti-minority policies may backfire causing greater loss for the BJP in the long run. It said there were wide expectations for Modi to win the third term as well. It came as a shock for the BJP when it lost elections in May to the major opposition Congress Party in Karnataka state, the report said. BJP’s fanatic policies have intensified violence against minorities to the peak, it deplored.

The report said leaders of 26 opposition political parties in India have bonded together in an alliance to defeat the populist leader, Modi. The coalition, it said, named as Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA), aims to curb the hostility against minorities. Politics is an ever-changing process with no permanent positions and stances and despite Modi achieving success through his hardcore nationalistic policies in the past, the tables might be turned against him this time, the report maintained.

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