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BJP will abolish election system right in J&K, India if returns to power: Mehbooba

Srinagar: People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has said that Bharatiya Janata Party will abolish the election system in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and India if it returns to power.

According to Kashmir Media Service, while speaking to the media in Srinagar, she exposed the contradictory politics of the Modi regime on the security mantra peddled by the regime on Jammu and Kashmir. She said, the BJP claimed that security situation in the territory had improved, but when asked for holding elections, it justifies the delay on “the security is not right” argument.

“On one hand, these people say in the Supreme Court that the situation has improved in J&K after abrogation of Article 370, and that the people are happy. But, on the other, the same Government now says that the security (situation) is not right in J&K and the elections cannot be conducted,” she said.

“You can yourself see how much contradiction is there. I think the real reason is that all experiments by BJP in J&K, especially in the Valley, have failed,” she added.

“They tried to create a new crop, a hybrid political system, it has failed. The people in Jammu have gone against them, they are out on roads, they have realised that the BJP has befooled them by provoking them against Kashmir, by making them suffer losses, by making people in J&K fight with each other, creating Hindu-Muslim divide,” the PDP president said.

Mufti said the BJP does not believe in Constitution and wants to end the democratic system in India, and its wants to start it from Jammu and Kashmir.

“If the BJP comes back to power in the Lok Sabha elections, then they will end the election system not only in J&K, but, perhaps in the entire country in the coming time,” she said.

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