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Modi’s slogan of ‘Shinning India’ prove a pack of lies

Indian citizens leaving country in droves for better life

New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s ‘shining India’ and ‘Achey din’ slogans are proving a pack of lies as the Indian citizens are leaving the country in droves for better life.

Recent media reports, supported by research from Migration Watch, unveiled a notable migration trend originating from India towards economically advanced regions such as North America and Europe.

Since the beginning of the 2022 fiscal year that started last October, a record 16,290 Indian citizens have been taken into custody by the US authorities at the Mexican border. The previous high of 8,997 was recorded in 2018. The Indians are using different routes to enter the developed countries for employment and settling there.

As per a report about 149,000 of Indian illegal immigrants were detained by the US authorities during the period from February 2019 to March 2022. A large number of the Indians are also included overstaying their visa period and unwilling to move back to India.

Deepak Ahluwalia, an immigration lawyer who has represented the Indian nationals in Texas and California has said that while some migrants are coming to the US for economic reasons, many are fleeing persecution back home. The latter group range from Muslims, Christians and low-caste Hindus who fear violence at the hands of Hindutva goons.

Media reports say that at least 45,755 migrants Indians crossed English Channel to enter UK. The Times, a UK based newspaper quoting Home Office sources, said the Indians have become the third-largest group of migrants entering the UK shores illegally across the English Channel on dangerous small boats. It reported that about 250 Indian migrants have made the dangerous crossing in small boats this year alone while more than 233 crossed the Channel, last year. Travelling by land across Europe to France and then waiting in the Calais Jungle to pay smugglers to come to the UK on small boats is a well-worn route for illegal Indian migrants to enter UK.

As per reports, Canada issued deportation notices to over 700 Indian students over ‘fake admission offer letters’ in 2022. They received the deportation letters from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA). All these students had applied for student visas, from 2018 to 2022, through Education Migration Services – a Jalandhar-based agency headed by one Brijesh Sharma.

It is pertinent that in last year a four-member Indian family was frozen to death while illegally crossing the US-Canada border in search of a better future.

Experts say that the mass migration paints a grim picture of India. They say Modi’s slogans for so-called ‘shinning India’ and ‘Aache din’ are proving to be a pack of lies. Dwindling space of diversity amid rising wave of Hindutva has been spoiling the overall internal situation in the country with adverse impact on the job market and on the conducive environment in educational institutions.

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