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6 men, 2 vehicles involved in larger and more organized Hardeep Nijjar’s killing operation: Report

Surrey (British Columbia, Canada): In what revealed a larger and more organised operation than has previously been reported, at least six men and two vehicles were involved in the killing of Canada-based pro-Khalistan leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar outside a gurdwara in British Columbia in June, The Washington Post reported citing a video content and witness accounts.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the murder was captured by a gurdwara security camera and the video has been shared with investigators, the Washington Post report added.

A 90-second recording of the video reviewed by The Post begins with Nijjar’s gray pickup truck pulling out of a parking space. A white sedan appears in an adjacent lot, pulls up and drives parallel to the truck. The vehicles are initially separated by a walkway.

When the truck speeds up, the sedan matches its pace. Then the truck merges into the sedan’s lane and for a moment they’re side-by-side. As the vehicles approach the parking lot exit, the sedan pulls in front and brakes to block the truck. Two men in hooded sweatshirts emerge from under a covered waiting area and move towards the truck. Each points a firearm at the driver’s seat.

The sedan exits the parking lot and drives out of view. Then the two men run in the same direction, the Washington Post reported.

Authorities have not publicly discussed the white sedan or who might have been driving it. Nor have they mentioned the two additional men in the getaway car.

Community members say they’re most concerned that authorities did not offer Nijjar more protection before the killing, and that they’ve been given little information since.

“My father asked for increased police surveillance around the gurdwara so that the whole community could be safer,” said Balraj Singh Nijjar, Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s 21-year-old son. The police said they would look into it, he said, but to his knowledge, nothing was done.

The threats to Nijjar’s life were well known in the community. Some gurdwara members told the Post they worried when they saw him driving alone.

Members of the local Sikh community, meanwhile, say the authorities have told them little about their investigation of the June 18 killing outside the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara in Surrey city.

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