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Modi govt embarks on plan to confiscate properties, cancel Overseas Citizenship Cards of Sikhs


New Delhi: The Modi-led Indian regime has launched an anti-Sikh drive in the name of targeting pro-Khalistan activists which include seizure of their properties in India and cancellation of their Overseas Citizenship cards, which allow visa-free entry.

According to Kashmir Media Service, India’s notorious National Investigation Agency (NIA) took the action of seizing the properties of Gurpatwant Singh Pannu as the first step in the drive against the Sikh community.

The Modi government has asked investigative agencies to identify properties of all Sikhs who are wanted in India, but are living abroad. It has also announced to revoke the Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) cards, which allow visa-free entry.

The government had asked the agencies to identify pro-Khalistan activists settled in countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia and cancel their OCI cards so that they would not be able to gain visa-free entry to India.

The plan came to the fore a day after the NIA confiscated the properties of Pannu in Chandigarh and Amritsar.

So far, around two dozen such persons living in the US, UK, Canada, UAE, Pakistan and other countries have been identified as Paramjit Singh Pamma, Wadhwa Singh Babbar, Kulwant Singh Muthda, JS Dhaliwal, Sukhpak Singh, Harriet Singh, Sarabjit Singh Benoor, Kulwant Singh, Harjap Singh, Ranjit Singh Neeta, Gurmeet Singh, Germany; Gurpreet Singh, Jasmin Singh Hakimzada, Gurjant Singh Dhillon, Jasbir Singh Rode, Amardeep Singh Purewal, Jatinder Singh Grewal, Dupinder Jeet, and S Himmat Singh.

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