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Civil society urges India, Pakistan to settle Kashmir dispute through talks


Srinagar: Civil Society members in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir have urged India and Pakistan to sit together and settle the Kashmir dispute for peace and political and economic stability in the South Asian region.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Civil Society members including Muhammad Shafi, Muhammad Ali, Showket Ahmed, Muhammad Asim, Muntzir Nabi, Umar Bazaz and Shaheen Nabi in a meeting in Srinagar said the Kashmir issue should be resolved as it will lead to good neighbourly relations between India and Pakistan.

The good relationship between two countries will create a peaceful atmosphere and end the poverty in the two countries, the said.

They said the settlement of the Kashmir dispute is not only in the interets of the people of Jammu and Kashmir but it will also benefit the entire South Asian region.

They said the spending of the money on purchasing weapon and arms could be used for the development of the people.

The meeting said the illegal process of changing Kashmir’s territorial status against the UN resolutions, and the wishes of Kashmiris has gains nothing but added miseries to people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The meeting urged the parents to withdraw students from the government and other private schools where their children are forced to participate in Hindutva culture programs, songs and un-Islamic activities.

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