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Pakistan's Support to Kashmir

Pakistan’s perspective on key global issues including Kashmir presented at UNGA: PM

‘Murder of Khalistan Movement leader in Canada jolts West’

New York: Pakistan Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has said that he has projected Pakistan’s perspective on a range of regional and world issues including the Kashmir dispute during his address at the 78th UN General Assembly’s session in New York.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Prime Minister in his interaction with the representatives of Pakistani media at the Pakistani Mission in New York said he informed the world about Pakistan’s perspective on Kashmir and Palestine issues, and Hindutva ideology being pursued by the Indian government.

He said his visit to the New York remained highly successful, where he held useful meetings with the global leaders, including UN Secretary General António Guterres, and discussed regional and international issues.

The Prime Minister said that persecution of Muslims being carried out in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir was aptly described as “genocide” which he also mentioned in his address at the UNGA. He said thousands of Kashmiris had been killed and women were raped, besides the extrajudicial killing of the innocent Kashmiris.

Talking about the murder of Khalistan Movement Sikh leader in Canada, the Prime Minister said that the gruesome incident has jolted the West and raised serious questions about the role of Indian state. He said that Pakistan has been a victim of such state-sponsored terrorism and shared evidences of ‘Pakistan centric’ at different global and multilateral fora about the role of Indian state.

He said that it might be the first of its kind event probably after the First World War that an Asian country staged a physical murder on the European soil and its impacts are being witnessed across the western countries, who now have realized as to how India is persecuting its minorities like Christians, Sikhs and Muslims.

The prime minister maintained that an alliance should be formed to check such ‘rough behaviour’ of India.

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