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Pakistan's Support to Kashmir

Neither UN, nor any country endorses Indian claim on Kashmir: FM Jilani

New York: Pakistan Caretaker Minister for Foreign Affairs Jalil Abbas Jilani has said that neither the United Nations nor any country in the world accepted the Indian claim on the core dispute of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the foreign minister addressing a news conference in New York said even the United Nations’ map did not show Kashmir as an integral part of India as the country had been claiming for a long time.

On a question about a spat between Canada and India over the killing of a Sikh leader, he said the South Asian countries, including Pakistan, had also been victims of the assassinations originating from India. “For the first time, this has gone global. India will have to come clean on this… This is the mask coming off on the Indian face,” he added.

The Foreign Minister apprised the media of the Pakistan prime minister’s as well as his engagements in New York and said they had a series of bilateral meetings with their counterparts and also attended multiple sessions on varying subjects. He said the meetings of the OIC Contact Groups on Kashmir and Palestine were also held wherein Pakistan highlighted its efforts for peace and stability, besides highlighting the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

He said the steps taken by India on August 05, 2019 further denied their rights to the Kashmiri people. The attempts to change the demography of IIOJK was a matter of great concern for Pakistan as well as the people of Kashmir, he added.

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